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Turkish Salmon Traut

turkish solmon

Turkish Salmon Trout 

Available in Fresh Chilled, Frozen
Calibrations: Whole/ Round : From 1000 g to 5000 g
Fillets : From 400 g to 1600 g
Fillets Cut : Trim B, Trim C and Trim D,Trim E;Portion cut
Below process types can be done upon order demand:

Turkish Salmon Trout 

Head on Gutted, Head off Gutted
Glaze % 0-5 by request
IVP package for fillets
Styrofoam or Cartoon box

SALMON FISH Head on Gutted

Overall, salmon fish head on gutted is a good option for people who are looking for an affordable and convenient way to cook salmon.

Salmon Fish Head off Gutted

Head off gutted” refers to a fish that has been processed to remove its head and internal organs. This is the most common way that fish are sold commercially, as it makes them easier to transport, store, and prepare.


Trimming salmon fish involves removing unwanted parts like the pin bones, belly fat, and fins. This step is important for achieving an even cook and a more enjoyable eating experience.

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